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 The Teledyne Isco CombiFlash Rf flash chromatography system gives you high-productivity automation, programmable gradients, UV detection and peak separation, and automatic detection of columns and collection tube racks. Its small size makes it a great “personal system” and well suited for operation within chemical hoods and other limited indoor spaces.


CombiFlash Rf 200 – For more advanced needs, the CombiFlash Rf can be factory-configured as a 5–200 mL/min (delivery flow rate), 200 psi system that forms a binary gradient by automatically selecting two solvents from four inlets. This configuration has an automatic, self-cleaning injection valve for sample introduction, and full-spectrum UV (200–360 nm) or UV-vis (200–780 nm) detection with secondary wavelength monitoring. An internal air pump is used for post-run column air purging, active solvent level sensing, and waste full bottle detection.


Note: The item ships via freight. ELSD Option also available.


Features: An efficient and automated purification tool helpful in the separation of medicinal chemistry products, natural products, peptides & polymers and other complex organic synthesis purifications.

  • Pressure capabilities of 200 PSI to perform all types of flash chromatography purifications under normal and reverse phase conditions. Compatible with water, acetonitrile and methanol liquid phases when used with reverse phased cartridges. Capable of delivering high pressure binary gradient for a quick and efficient separation.
  • Quaternary solvent source with automated switching during the run 
  • Auto self-cleaning injection valve
  • Real-time method control and editing with a helpful option of click and drag gradients. Can be easily controlled and monitored via touch screen, desktop, laptop and remote access.
  • Large, bright touch screen display 10.5’’ (26.7 cm) allows quick and easy controls with the touch of a finger. Stylus pen also included.
  • Equipped with vapor sensors for leak detection, over-pressure sensors for a safe working condition, inlet solvent level sensing capabilities to ensure adequate solvent for purification and waste level-sensing to prevent overflow conditions.
  • Rack verification through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) ensures that the tubes are not missed or overfilled.
  • UV detector within a range of 200-360 nm enables collection at dual-wavelength capability. External alternative detection technology can be easily integrated with the system.
  • Air purge option ensures safe and quick disposal of column/cartridges after use.
  • Solvent source bottles and column/cartridges not included.
  • Please note, RFID test tube racks, test tubes and prime tube assembly not included. These accessories can be purchased from Teledyne.

Teledyne Isco COMBIFLASH RF 200 Chromatography UV Flash LC

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