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RAININ Pipet-Plus pipettes redefine manual pipetting. Pipet-Plus differs from conventional manual pipettes by using a latch trigger mechanism and aspiration rate controller. These features improve precision from sample to sample and from technician to technician. Designed as a system with thin-wall RAININ tips, Pipet-Plus helps reduce the risk of cumulative trauma disorders by reducing the number of thumb strokes by 50% and by using light spring and tip ejector forces.

Rainin Variable Single Channel Pipet-Plus LTS Pipette

  • It has been disassembled, inspected, fully cleaned, and calibrated with our Level I service by a trained technician. The seal and O-Ring have been replaced as per manufacturer's recommendation. The internal components are in excellent condition  and the pipette draws evenly and seals well. The aspiration stroke is smooth and responsive. While in excellent cosmetic condition, the pipette may show signs of light wear or marking under close inspection. This does not have an affect on performance or  calibration.

    This pipette has been calibrated and found to be within manufacturer's specification. While it is suitable for general research use, users should have the pipette inspected and certified by their own independent  technician prior to performing GLP/GMP work or handling precious samples. If you have any technical questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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