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Mettler Toledo Excellence Plus Level XP105DR analytical balance with professional calibration in perfect working condition.


The Mettler-Toledo Catalog list price for this type microbalance was $13,900.


  • Delta range unit
  • Capacity: 31g to 120g
  • Readability: 0.01mg to 0.1mg


The Mettler Toledo XP105DR is a reliable and relatively inexpensive option for an analytical balance and has a dual range with readability of 0.1mg to 31g and 1mg to 120g. The Mettler XP105DR has a glass draft shield with motorized opening, fully automatic adjustment "ProFACT" using internal weights,  and a built-in level sensor and illuminated level indicator. The Mettler Toledo XP105DR can be used for a variety of applications and offers users normal weighing options along with statistics, formulation, piece counting, percent weighing, density, and differential weighing. The Mettler Toledo XP105DR also features two programmable sensors for hands-off operation  to speed up frequently recurring tasks.


This microbalance is protected against dust and water.

The microbalance comes with a power supply, input: 100-240V AC, output: 12V DC and with a .pdf copy of manual.


Special Features:

  • SmartGrid: unparalleled weighing performance, thanks to the revolutionary grid weighing pan which successfully minimizes the effects of turbulence in the weighing chamber. Results are more accurate and stabilization times dramatically shorter.
  • SmartSens: hands-free operation for personnel security The user can concentrate fully on the safe handling of samples to avoid spillage and minimize the risk of contamination.
  • SmartScreen: guides the user by color for safe operation. Outstanding ease of use with touch-screen technology.
  • LevelControl: warns if the balance is not correctly levelled to ensure the accuracy of your results.
  • Connectivity: pace-setting interfacing flexibility - including Ethernet, Bluetooth (wireless connection) and PS/2 - for efficient data capture and easy network integration.
  • Integrated anti-static kit (option): discharge static samples instantly without any risk of contamination.
  • ErgoClip for secure placement of all tare containers
  • Automatic and detachable draftshield
  • proFACT
  • RS-232C interface, option slot for second interface, choice of 7 different interfaces
  • Inner draftshield plate, adjustable
  • Protective cover
  • Prepared for weighing below the balance
  • Detachable and adjustable Terminal
  • QM-Toolbox, including user administration and password protection
  • MinWeigh, Target weighing, Percent weighing, Piece counting with reference optimization
  • Density determintation
  • Alphanumeric data entry of 4 ID's
  • 1 Year Yalist Warranty

Mettler Toledo XP105 Semi-Micro Analytical Balance

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