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Mettler Toledo MT5 Micro Balance 


Mettler-Toledo MT5 Microbalance with professional calibration in perfect working condition.


The Mettler-Toledo Catalog list price for this type microbalance was $17,917.


Capacity: 5.1g.

Readability: 0.001mg.

Repeatability: 0.0008mg.

Linearity: 0.004mg.


Has full range tare. Features 12 selectable weighing units: g, mg, microgram, oz, ct, dwt, GN, ozt, etc. , piece counting, percent and dynamic weighing, statistics and density determination. 2 of the weighing units may be selected to be displayed simultaneously on the display. Equipped with RS232 Data Interface. Features under balance weighing.

At any time, proFACT detects automatically when the microbalance exceeds the permitted tolerance range and calibrate the microbalance utilizing 2 internal weights. Except of usual internal calibration, the proFACT fulfills linearity self-calibration.

The microbalance has menu operated calibrations: motorized internal calibration with linearization by the built in weights and external calibration by user defined weight.


Balance operating menu allows to adapt the balance to weighing conditions, select calibration function, auto zero correction, primary and info weighing units, language and interface output parameters.

The microbalance features convenient Touch-Screen and Hands-Off operation. By the Hands-Off feature opening and closing the glass draft shield or zeroing the balance can be done without touching any buttons.

There is one touch button or hands-off or auto motorized opening and closing the glass draft shield or it can be turned manually. The hands-off turning of the glass draft shield is provided by “SmartSens” sensors located at the right and left sides of the terminal.


Microbalance dimensions.


Weighing cell unit: (W x D x H), mm: 128 x 287 x 113.

Control unit: (W x D x H), mm: 224 x 366 x 94. Effective height of the draft shield, 55mm. Weighing pan diameter: 16 mm.

Balance weight: 6.5 kg.


This microbalance is protected against dust and water.

The microbalance comes with a power supply, input: 100-240V AC, output: 12V DC and with a .pdf copy of manual.


Special Features:

  • Full compliance: The QM toolbox provides security in regulated environments. Features include 8 individual user configurations, user management defining access rights, password protection, history file, MinWeigh, proFACT.
  • Process security: MinWeigh reliably prevents minimal weight violations for full compliance and highest productivity. LevelControl warns if the balance is not correctly leveled to ensure the accuracy of your results.
  • Fast, stable results: MonoBloc HighSpeed weighing technology for fast results and smallest measurement uncertainty.
  • IP54 in-use for adverse environments: protects your XP balance against the intrusion of water and dust.
  • Connectivity: pacesetting interfacing flexibility – including Ethernet, Bluetooth (wireless connection) and PS/2 – for efficient data capture and simple network integration.
  • RS232 interface, option slot for second interface, choice of 7 different interfaces
  • Prepared for weighing below balance
  • Large square stainless steel weighing pan
  • MinWeigh, statistical evaluation
  • Formulation with security check
  • Piece counting with reference optimization
  • Density determination
  • Percent weighing, Dynamic weighing, Alphanumeric data entry
  • Maximum security: SmartScreen, the color display, guides the user for error-free operation. Outstanding ease of use with touch-screen technology.
  • 1 Year Yalist Warranty


Mettler Toledo MT5 Micro Analytical Balance

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