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For medium to high through-put applications including high capacity for cell culture and clinical applications, high-speed for separating cell lysates and a microcentrifuge for nucleic acid purifications.


  • Speed, rcf, and radius correction values can be entered by the user
  • Values can be changed during centrifugation
  • Speed can be set from 220-14,000rpm (20,817xG) to maximum speed in increments of 10 rpm
  • Selectable program memory for up to 35 individual user programs
  • Adjustable speed short spin button for quick runs
  • “at set rpm” for even more reproducable results
  • 10 acceleration and 10 braking ramps for sensitive sample material
  • Low-profile 11.2 in/28 cm access height for easy sample loading and unloading
  • Automatic rotor recognition senses rotor type to set maximum allowable speedensures safety—fast, simple programming of time, temperature (refrigerated models), speed/ g-force and radius value


Refrigeration Features

  • Temperature range from -9 to +40°C
  • Standby cooling maintains temperature when not in use
  • FastTemp function for fast pre-cooling in as little as 15 minutes and maximum temperature accuracy of the rotor
  • ECO shut-off engages after 8 hours of non-use to reduce energy consumption and extend compressor life
  • Built-in condensation drain to eliminate water accumulation and prevent corrosion


Order Info

Max. power requirement: 1650w. Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz. Dimensions (L × W × H): 24.0 × 27.6 × 13.8 in. (61 × 70 × 35cm). Weight: 218 lb. (99 kg).


Preventative Maintenance Performed on The Eppendorf 5810R Refrigerated Centrifuge

  • Door Latch Assembly Checked for Full Function
  • Door Hinges are Checked and Lubed as Needed
  • Drive Belt is Checked for Rips and Tears and Replaced if Needed
  • Rotors and O-rings are Lubed as Needed
  • Lamps and Display are Checked and Replaced if Dim
  • Line Cord is Checked Signs of Fray or Damage and Replaced Accordingly
  • Internal Circuitry is Checked for Faulty/Shorted Components and Replaced Accordingly

Eppendorf 5810R Refrigerated Centrifuge w/ Rotor A-4-62

  • Specifications

    Max. RCF 20,817 x g
    Refrigerated Yes
    Program Storage Selectable program memory for up to 35 individual user programs
    Temperature Range -9°C to +40°C
    Dimensions (HWD) 13.8 x 27.6 x 24 in. (35 x 70 x 61 cm)
    Length (Metric) Exterior 61 cm
    Width (Metric) Exterior 70 cm
    Height (Metric) Exterior 35 cm
    Wattage 1650 w
    Max. Speed 14,000 rpm
    Profile (Acceleration/Braking) 10 Accel/10 Braking ramps for sensitive sample material
    Rotor Included Yes
    Type Series 5108R Package
    Length (English) Exterior 24 in.
    Width (English) Exterior 27.6 in.
    Height (English) Exterior 13.8 in.
    Net Weight 218 lb. (99 kg)
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